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Cabinetry Refinishing Fits Like a Glove for the Beaumont Market

Ever since Hurricane Harvey, businesses in our industry have been slammed trying to repair and rebuild a good chunk of Southeast Texas’ homes. Some are still booked up throughout the end of the year trying to get Beaumont and the surrounding areas back in order.


Award Winning Number One Option for your Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation

Are you looking to redo your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and aren’t sure where to start? Maybe you have a dream kitchen in your mind and you want to see it in real life. Perhaps you home is just in need of some more cabinets added or a modification to your current system.

blog-realtor-blueprint_670 Homeowners Spent a Record Amount on Remodeling-but on What, Exactly?

With the Great Recession now finally in the rearview mirror, many homeowners—and their bank accounts—are suddenly a bit more flush. And that’s good news for their homes sorely in need of more than a fresh coat of paint.


Who Would Have Thought? Cabinetry Refinishing makes a Great Investment!

Investing in a franchise opportunity is a huge step of faith and starting a new business requires commitment, dedication and an unwavering commitment to hard work and focus. You want to become your own boss, but at the same time you want to be sure you know what you’re getting into. You do not want to be left out in the cold when it comes to starting up your new company or making sure


Refinish your cabinets to create your dream Cabinetry, Spend 1/3 the cost vs. Replacing or Refacing.

So you want to renovate your kitchen?
This is the center of your home. This is where hours of family time and guest entertaining magic happen. This is a focal point not to be taken lightly. You know you want a new stone countertop: marble, quartz, granite, etc.


The “No Brainer” option of working with your existing cabinetry, and how to ensure a job you will be proud of.

For all of the people contemplating what to do with your cabinetry when you know you need a change to enhance the look of your kitchen, there are several things to consider. The first and most important, is what material is your current cabinetry

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