Written by Nathan and Stephanie Cook, Owners
Cabinetry Refinishing of Beaumont and Southeast Texas.


Cabinetry Refinishing Fits Like a Glove for the Beaumont Market

Ever since Hurricane Harvey, businesses in our industry have been slammed trying to repair and rebuild a good chunk of Southeast Texas’ homes. Some are still booked up throughout the end of the year trying to get Beaumont and the surrounding areas back in order. While their primary focus is repairing people’s homes to be livable again, they are so busy that they have put others on the backburner to try and get flood victims back into their homes.  We, the Cabinetry Refinishing of Beaumont owners, actually live in Beaumont and although we did not flood, we received wind driven rain and still ended up with water in our home.

This led to us having to remove our carpet, replace multiple doors, and repair spots where mold had grown. We had several people come out to take a look at our damage and then we never received a bid, nor could we get in touch with them again. It was as if we were not important because we did not flood. We feel greatly for those who lost everything and had to start from scratch, but the bottom line here is poor customer service.

Cabinetry Refinishing of Beaumont’s number one priority is to make our customers happy. We promise to keep in touch, be on time, keep you informed with every step of the process and, most importantly, get the job done right. Another big plus is that our business is primarily focused around refinishing your current cabinets to make them look brand new. We realize that Beaumont has a need for cabinet painters and we are here, ready to help! We have quickly learned that carpenters in Southeast Texas just like to build so that they don’t have to make it look pretty. Well, guess what! We are in the “beautiful finished product” business!

So, whether you flooded and need your newly installed cabinets painted or whether you didn’t have any damage at all and you are just looking to remodel, give us a call! We have heard several clients mention that they have put off their remodeling project because they assumed local contractors were too busy to deal with them. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to wait, pick up the phone and call Cabinetry Refinishing today!

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