Fashionista Finishes for Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Hardware

There’s an infinite number of decisions you make when designing kitchens and baths that are as exquisite and easy to use. Designing these two rooms are an enjoyable challenge to stay in touch with your creative needs. As a result, we offer you three showroom-ready finishes—Matte Black, Satin Bronze, and Brushed Gold—that synchronize with fashion-forward faucets, lighting fixtures, and bath fixtures such as towel bars. You can find these finishes in select collections within our Jeffrey Alexander and Elements lines of hardware. Celebrate finding the perfect knobs and pulls to deliver gorgeous, well-dressed kitchens and baths with your clients.

Matte Black: Give Cabinets a Touch of Drama

You know it. We know it. Black is in. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom cabinets, nothing looks more sophisticated than knobs and pulls wearing a Matte Black finish. Think about what you would find in a fashionista’s closet…. the clothes and accessories that make them feel the most polished like black stilettos and ankle boots, black designer bags, and little black dresses. As a designer, you can flaunt your ability to make a kitchen or bathroom look perfectly polished when it’s cabinets wear Hardware Resources’ Matte Black knobs and pulls.

wood cabinets with black door handles
Matte black cabinet accessories

Try adding a dramatic boost to on-trend white- or gray-painted cabinets. Update rustic cabinets made of knotty alder or hickory or come up with a fabulous combination of your own.

Brushed gold cabinet accessories
Brushed gold cabinet handles

One of our favorite combinations is using Brushed Gold hardware to dress up cabinets drenched in color—especially pale sage green, rich emerald green, or navy blue. We also love the way knobs and pulls wearing this finish bring gilded detailing to natural wood cabinets or pop like pieces of gorgeous jewelry on classic white or gray cabinets.


What do you think about these fashionably fun finishes? Please let us know. And while you’re at it, share your thoughts about how important it is to you to be able to have multiple gold finishes at your fingertips when adding personality and pizzazz to kitchens and baths. We appreciate learning from you!

Brushed Gold: Dazzle the Eye with Precious Metal

Earrings. Wedding bands. Necklaces. Gold jewelry has been treasured for thousands of years, and it’s still the metal of choice for the fashion elite. We anticipate you’ll find our fearless Brushed Gold finish the metal of choice for making bold design statements in kitchens and master baths. After all, a warm yellow-gold finish adds just the right amount of bling to any project. It also reflects well upon the designer who chooses it. Make brushed gold your signature designing touch.

Designer Merrick detail, black cabinets with gold hardware

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