A Job for Professionals


Cabinetry is not a job homeowners can do properly with products from a Big Box Store or Hardware Store. It makes a lot more sense to invest a little more than the average painter for a professional refinish by a trained cabinetry care expert.

Reasons vary for refinishing; some love their current cabinets and want them to look their best. Others want to add to or rearrange their existing cabinetry and find a quick, affordable refinish the best way to make their kitchen exciting and look years younger. Contact Cabinetry Refinishing Enterprises today.

Will Your Painted Finish Chip?

No, chipping is caused by poor preparation of the surface to be refinished and / or using the wrong products / materials for the job. We GUARANTEE our finishes against spontaneous chipping or peeling due to improper workmanship or materials, but Yes, all cabinetry if mistreated or hit hard enough, will dent, ding, or chip.


Refinishing Cabinetry has it’s Advantages

  • Major defects can be repaired and covered

  • Handles or knobs can be changed or moved

  • Turn a kitchen desk into usable workspace

  • Rearrange or add new unfinished cabinetry

  • Move a microwave off the counter top

  • Brighten up a dark room and much more

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